Step 6 to Buying a Home: 

Get out there and Look at Homes

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Ok its FINALLY time to get out there and look at homes. This is very exciting and can be over whelming. You may think you can to look at every single house you can in one day to knock everything out, but we have a few suggestions to the looking process and to make your viewing experience enjoyable:

~ Most sellers require 24hrs notice to view a home. So we will plan accordingly. 

~In the beginning we will be looking at several homes in a tour. I do not recommend more than 5-6 homes in a day. The homes will start to run together when you get to look at 10+ homes and you can forget what you are looking at. 

~ Dress comfortably. Comfy shoes, layers to remove or add incase utilities are not on

~ For a long day tour - bring snacks and water/drinks etc

~Every home will be a different experience. Often, the home is on lockbox but sometimes, an owner will let us in, a listing agent will meet us there or even a tenant.

~ Try very hard to look past an owner or tenants decor. I understand it can be easier said than done but it will help you envision your own furnishings 

~ Try not to touch any of the seller's personal belonging, we don't want to be responsible for breaking anything

~ Some homes have nanny cams/nest cameras, so be careful on how much you say. We can always talk more in detail outside or later.

~ If you have children come along with you, please remind them to not play with other toys or items in the home.

~Remember to enjoy the experience!

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