Step 2 to Buying a Home: 


Have a burning question about Step 2?

Do you find yourself looking on,, or any of the numerous home websites browsing home listings because you are ready to buy a home? 

This is totally ok, but you are one step ahead of yourself. If you haven't read Step 1 - Plan and Budget - start there and then Step 2 is to hire a professional Realtor to represent you through the crazy process.

 If you looked over the entire Steps list, you will see, there are plenty of steps to get you in your new home. Having a Realtor is essential to navigating those steps

While no one will stop you from browsing those fancy apps, it is very time consuming. Your Realtor will get you listings straight to your inbox that meet your criteria you planned out in Step 1.

How do you find a Realtor you ask? While there are over 6000 agents in the Greater New Orleans Area, I hope you contact me and my team at 504.452.7789 or [email protected] so we can meet in person to see if we both feel as though we could be a good fit to work together. Not all Realtors are created equal, just like not all buyers are created equal. 

•Ask. Talk to family and friends for recommendations of the REALTOR® they used to purchase their home .

•Research. Do research of the names recommended by family and friend by visiting personal websites or get an over all view of the agent.

• Interview. Call and ask agents for interviews. Go prepared with a list of questions, like experience, years selling real estate, specialties etc. 

Things to think about: how fast did that agent respond? Real Estate is a fast paced world, you want an agent responding to you within 24hrs.

Remember, this is person you will be spending a lot of time with in the upcoming months. Making sure the agent has your best interest at heart is very important

Check out a list of questions to ask Realtors you interview.

On to Step3- Get Pre-Approved!!

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