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Modern Man Cave Inspo for Father's Day

Robyn Bruno

NOLA Native 🎭, Realtor/Broker 🏠, Wife, Momma 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦,  Coffee Lover ☕️, Creative at Heart 💜 I am so glad you are h...

NOLA Native 🎭, Realtor/Broker 🏠, Wife, Momma 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦,  Coffee Lover ☕️, Creative at Heart 💜 I am so glad you are h...

Jun 13 3 minutes read

Father's Day is here!

It's coming up this weekend and it has me thinking about the men in my life and how they personalize their homes.  

Back in the day “man caves” were all the rage, but they have fallen out of favor a bit as families have modernized their approaches to parenting and household management. 

The concept isn’t totally dead though... it has just evolved! 

Think about the father figures in your life - what are their passions? How do they like to relax and entertain? The days of hiding dad in the basement with a recliner, a TV and a beer fridge are over. Now, “man caves” can be any space dad loves and adds his personal touch to. 

I’ve pulled together a few homes I’ve seen on the market recently with great dad vibes. Which one would your dad be ready to pack up and move for? 

Chef Dad

Some dads LOVE to cook and claim the kitchen - indoor and/or outdoor - as their spot. Whether you’re dad likes to compete in fancy cook-offs or just feed the neighborhood, this outdoor kitchen at 103 Hardwood Drive in Belle Chasse might be right for him!

103 Hardwood Drive

Handyman Dad

If your dad is more of the tinkering type, he might be looking for a beefed up garage or workshop space, like this one at 901 Crystal Street in New Orleans. 

901 Crystal Street

Professor Dad

Does your dad sneak off to read or quietly reflect? If he is the stares-lovingly-at-books type, he might be interested in a personal libraries aka fancy home office like this one for sale at 1467 Nashville Avenue

1467 Nashville Avenue

Brewmaster Dad

Home-brewing beer is all the rage these days, and some folks are even busting out the old family moonshine recipes! If your dad is concocting something special, he might need a bar to serve it from. This one at 918 Orleans in the French Quarter might be a perfect fit!

918 Orleans Avenue

Movie Critic Dad

If your dad is a walking “Rotten Tomatoes” and has burned through just about everything available on Netflix, he might be in need of his very own home theater.  Luckily this one is available on the market right now at 50 Farnham Place in Metiarie. Just bring snacks!

50 Farnham Place

Who am I missing?

What other dads are out there? Need me to find a wine cellar for your Sommelier Dad? The perfect closet for your Fashionista Dad? A recording studio for DJ Dad? 

E-mail me at [email protected] and let’s talk about the needs of everyone in your family - and then I’ll get to work finding you the perfect house! 

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