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Prepping Your Home For Hurricane Season

Robyn Bruno

NOLA Native 🎭, Realtor/Broker 🏠, Wife, Momma 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦,  Coffee Lover ☕️, Creative at Heart 💜 I am so glad you are h...

NOLA Native 🎭, Realtor/Broker 🏠, Wife, Momma 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦,  Coffee Lover ☕️, Creative at Heart 💜 I am so glad you are h...

May 29 5 minutes read

June 1st again?!

It's that time of year... hurricane season is officially back this weekend.    0.0

We are of course doing our best hoping, wishing and praying to keep storms away from our shores... but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be prepared!

Whether you're a longtime homeowner looking for a hurricane prep refresher or a brand new buyer needing the whole run down, I've got you covered. We're going to talk about reviewing your homeowners and flood insurance policies, preparing your home and yard for storms, and putting together your emergency kit. 

Review Your Insurance Policies

Reviewing your insurance policies is a good thing to do every year - and the start of hurricane season is a good annual reminder to do it! 

The policy you got when you bought your home doesn't have to be your policy forever. You can change it as often as you want! Take this opportunity get feedback from other homeowners with different insurers and shop around for lower rates. 

While you're doing that, read through your policies in detail and make sure they cover everything in case of a storm. Pay special attention to your "contents" coverage - does the amount really cover everything in your house? Think about those extra-special valuables and talk to your insurance agent about adding them to your policy. 

Another good thing to do this time of year is to walk around your house and take pictures of each room, your valuables, and the exterior of your home. These will be useful if you need to make a claim anytime in the next year. Upload these to the cloud for safekeeping. 

Finally, check in on your flood insurance situation. If you have a mortgage you should already have flood insurance if you're in a flood zone - but even if you're not in a flood zone or your house is already paid off - you'll probably want some if you live in Greater New Orleans. FEMA's website on flood insurance has a lot more information to digest - check it out here!

Prepare Your Home and Yard

There are a few relatively simple steps you can take to prepare your home for a storm, and some that are a bit more complicated or spendy! If you take this list seriously don't forget to let your insurance company know - they might offer you some discounts!

  • Refresh the caulk around your doors and windows to keep rainwater out. 
  • Trim your trees and shrubs. You can do the basics yourself but if you have really big or really old trees - call in an arborist. 
  • Replace gravel or heavy rocks in your driveway or garden with shredded bark or other lightweight materials. Rocks can get picked up in high winds and do a lot more damage. 
  • Considering upgrading your year-round window coverings to storm shutters. If that's outside of your budget for this year, pre-cut sheets of thick plywood for your windows.

Emergency Kit Checklist

I've created this handy checklist to take to the store when you're putting together your emergency kit - and to reference again if a storm enters the Gulf. Click here to download!

Hurricane Kit Checklist

Prepare An Emergency Kit   

Emergency kits are great to have no matter what - everyone should have a little one in the car and a big one in the house. I've included a downloadable emergency kit list above. If shopping for all the bits and pieces and putting one together for hurricane season isn't your thing - consider buying a pre-made one! There are a few on the market including: 

A few things that aren't in these pre-made kids that you'll need to have handy to add when a storm is coming include:

  • Prescription medications
  • Copies of your mortgage and insurance documents
  • Passports and/or birth certificates for the whole family
  • Pet documents and food

Looking for a more secure spot to ride out this year's season?

I can help you find a home on higher ground or made of sturdier stuff. Email me at [email protected] and we’ll find the perfect place for your family.

Buying and/or Selling in Greater New Orleans?

Check out my guides for each experience to learn more and get started on the right foot. Then reach out and we'll manage your situation together!

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